At Lodex, we are always seeking new ways to bring value to our members and Financial Service Providers. We want to ensure we create the most seamless and secure experience possible.

So now, in addition to our Loans and Deposits Marketplace, banks, lenders and brokers can have access to the Lodex API.

Through our API, you can perform on demand data extraction and use this data within your own applications to streamline processes.



The first release of our API allows Financial Service Providers to extract winning deals & consumer details.



Data Included 


Consumer data delivered by the API

  • Consumer detailed demographic data 
  • ID Verified consumer
  • Consumer Social Score  
  • Consumer Credit Score 
  • Product requested
  • Amount requested 


Member data is anonymous and can only be referenced if the member chooses to share their data to continue their loan or deposit journey. Sharing data can improve the on boarding process, helping pre-populate fields on their future applications.

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Filters included


As a Financial Service Provider for Lodex we provide you the ability to filter the information you receive via the API.  The filters will enable you to break the data down by date, request type and other important factors.  Some of the filters provided are shown below:


Product type

Select the specific product/requests types you would like to receive. 

Date range

Choose the dates between which you would like to extract the data


Filter the request by loan or deposit amount. 


Specific request information can requested by the Request ID.

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Why use Lodex API?


  • Automate functions
  • Save Time
  • Fast
  • Secure 
  • Always available

Lodex prides itself in always complying with the highest of data sharing and security standards. 

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How do I start?


Please contact our customer support for access. If you are already a Financial Service Provider in our platform, please speak with one of our Team Members, as they will be happy to assist.

A key pair will be given to you to access our test environment in order to get familiar with our API and allow your developers to experiment.


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Have any questions?

Don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team. We'll be happy to chat.